Though I love a classic bourbon barrel aged single malt Scotch, I’m always looking for a unique or different style to experiment with. I’m fascinated with how the nature of the barrels/casks used for aging and finishing can imbue such a wide range of attributes to the end result.

So, when I saw that this bottling from Balvenie, one of the great Scotch distillers, was actually finished in a rum cask, I just couldn’t resist! The aging is done in traditional oak casks and then the mature whisky is moved to casks that were conditioned with a mix of Western Indian rums for finishing.

I like this poured neat which delivers a wonderful full-bodied honeyed pallet with a long finish combining toffee/vanilla with nice balance of fruit and spice that doesn’t overwhelm but delights.

Looking to experiment a little – I highly recommend you give this a try.